How We Work with Publishers

1. We offer quality content free of charge to black newspapers who subscribe to our service.

2. We deliver content that rewards reader attention on a weekly basis.

3. We leverage distribution on media platforms such as radio, television, Internet, and social media to enrich the conversation within the black community.

“While Urban News Service caters to media organizations, ultimately it’s a service to readers and their communities, bringing long-term focus to the kind of news and issues that only gets mass media coverage when there’s a major event. We believe long term issues deserve long term reporting.”–Niger Innis, Founder

We cover five types of news stories:


The Hero No One Knows

We celebrate black war heroes, black policemen, black civic leaders and people who quietly and selflessly contribute to their communities without government help and without seeking personal fame or fortune.


Entrepreneurs Among Us

We tell the stories and share the advice from black entrepreneurs who battle government red tape, out of control lawsuits, and obstacles of every kind to bravely create jobs and opportunities in black neighborhoods and beyond.


Abuse of Trust

Accountability is something the black community demands. When we give our vote or our public trust, we expect people to act with the highest integrity and to focus on true service.


Your Money at Work

We take a look at outrageous or humorous examples of government waste and institutional malfeasance.


School Reformers Vs. The Establishment

We take particular pride in sharing the stories of heroic teachers and principals who are fighting to improve inner city schools in the face of unions, bureaucrats and anyone who puts self-interest or blind ideology before what is best for our kids.

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