Our mission is to empower our communities through quality journalism. We are a team of experienced leaders with a long history of giving back, helping out and speaking up. Using our combined talents and resources, we can support the publications that give voice to all Americans and provide them the information they need to reach their highest potential, no matter what their aspirations.

“With tough, unflinching and unbiased investigative work, Urban News Service will bring to light some of the toughest issues in Black America, as well as take a deeper and more analytical look at some of the best solutions.” –Andre Johnson, Founder


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    Andre M. Johnson


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    Niger Innis

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    Curtis Bunn

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    Michael H. Cottman

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    Ronda Racha Penrice

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    Kevin P. Chavous

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    Del Walters

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    Nick Chiles

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    Jennifer Carroll

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    Taylor Gordon

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    K. Barrett Bilali

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