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  1. The Tuskegee News, Alabama
  2. The Birmingham Times, Alabama
  3. Greene County Democrat, Alabama
  4. Speakin’ Out News, Alabama
  5. Arizona Informant, Arizona
  6. New England Informer, Boston
  7. The American News, California
  8. MBE Magazine, California
  9. Los Angeles Sentinel, California
  10. Our Weekly, California
  11. San Francisco Bayview, California
  12. Westside Story Newspaper, California
  13. L.A. Focus On The Word, California
  14. The Oakland Post +8, California
  15. **Berkeley Tri-City Post (The Oakland Post 1), California
  16. **San Francisco Post (The Oakland Post 2), California
  17. **South County Post (The Oakland Post 3), California
  18. **Marin (The Oakland Post 4), California
  19. **Richmond Post (The Oakland Post 5), California
  20. **Vallejo (The Oakland Post 6), California
  21. **Stocton (The Oakland Post 7), California
  22. **El-Mundo (The Oakland Post 8), California
  23. BRE Magazine, California
  24. Long Beach/Carson/Compton Times Newspaper, California
  25. The LA Wave Publication +6 Newspaper, California
  26. **LA Independent (LA Wave Publication 1), California
  27. **Culver City Star (LA Wave Publication 2), California
  28. **Northeast (LA Wave Publication 3), California
  29. **East (LA Wave Publication 4), California
  30. **Herald American (LA Wave Publication 5), California
  31. **The Press (LA Wave Publication 6), California
  32. **The Linwood Press (The LA Wave Publication 7), California
  33. The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint, California
  34. California Advocate, California
  35. San Diego Monitor News, California
  36. The Black E.O.E., California
  37. Inland Valley News, California
  38. The Black Voice News, California
  39. Sacramento Observer, California
  40. Bakersfield New Observer, California
  41. Inglewood Tribune, California
  42. The Pasadena Journal, Pasadena, California
  43. The Community Voice, Rohnert, California
  44. St. Pete Bulletin, California
  45. The African American Voice, Colorado
  46. Denver Urban Spectrum, Colorado
  47. Inquiring News, Connecticut
  48. The Inner-City News, New Haven, Connecticut
  49. The District Chronicles, District of Columbia
  50. The Washington Informer, District of Columbia
  51. Monarch, District of Columbia
  52. Washington Sun, District of Columbia
  53. The Root, District of Columbia
  54. Heart and Soul Magazine, District of Columbia
  55. South Florida Times, Florida
  56. The Pensacola Voice, Florida
  57. Westside Gazette, Florida
  58. Jacksonville Free Press, Florida
  59. Gainesville Guardian, Florida
  60. The Florida Star, Florida
  61. Onyx Magazine, Florida
  62. The Orlando Advocate, Florida
  63. The Orlando Times, Florida
  64. The Weekly Challenger, Florida
  65. Tempo News, Florida
  66. The Miami Times, Florida
  67. The Florida Sun, Florida
  68. Gulf Coast News, Florida
  69. Blues Review, Florida
  70. Success Magazine in Seminole, Florida
  71. Tallahassee Capital Outlook, Florida
  72. Florida Sentinel Bulletin, Florida
  73. Daytona Times, Florida
  74. Times Newspaper, Florida
  75. Caribbean Today, Florida
  76. Miami New Times, Florida
  77. The Herald, Georgia
  78. Atlanta Daily World, Georgia
  79. The Atlanta Tribune Roswell, Georgia
  80. The Atlanta Voice, Atlanta, Georgia
  81. The CrossRoads News, Georgia
  82. The Atlanta Inquirer, Georgia
  83. The Columbus Times, Georgia
  84. Savannah Tribune Inc, Georgia
  85. The Metro Courier, Georgia
  86. Upscale Magazine, Georgia
  87. The Champion Newspaper, Georgia
  88. Kankakee City News, Illinois
  89. Bean Soup Times, Illinois
  90. In Theses Times, Illinois
  91. The Chicago Defender, Illinois
  92. The Times Weekly, Illinois
  93. The Chicago Crusader, Illinois
  94. The Final Call, Illinois
  95. The Windy City Word, Illinois
  96. East St. Louis Monitor, Illinois
  97. The Chicago Citizen, Illinois
  98. The Gary Crusader, Illinois
  99. Pure News USA, Illinois
  100. Urban Intellectuals, Illinois
  101. Ebony Magazine, Illinois
  102. Jet Magazine, Illinois
  103. Frost Illustrated, Indiana
  104. Scoop, Indiana
  105. The Indianapolis Recorder, Indiana
  106. The Louisville Defender, Kentucky
  107. Monroe Defender, Kentucky
  108. The New Orleans Data News, Louisiana
  109. The Louisiana Weekly, Louisiana
  110. Shreveport Sun, Louisiana
  111. The Advocate, Louisiana
  112. The Weekly Press-Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  113. The New Orleans Tribune, Louisiana
  114. Monroe Free Press, Louisiana
  115. Baltimore Times, Maryland
  116. The Prince George’s Post, Maryland
  117. The Bay State Banner, Massachusetts
  118. New England Informer Online News, Massachusetts
  119. Michigan Chronicle, Michigan
  120. The St. Louis American, Michigan
  121. The Telegraph Newspaper, Michigan
  122. The Grand Rapids Times, Michigan
  123. Insight News, Minnesota
  124. MSR News, Minnesota
  125. The Mississippi Link, Mississippi
  126. Jackson Advocate, Mississippi
  127. The Fayette Chronicle, Mississippi
  128. The Call, Missouri
  129. The Omaha Star, Nebraska
  130. The African Sun Times, New Jersey
  131. South Jersey Journal, New Jersey
  132. The Grio, New York
  133. New York Amsterdam News, New York
  134. Our Time Press, New York
  135. The Buffalo Criterion, New York
  136. Black Enterprise Magazine, New York
  137. Urban Magazine Online, New York
  138. Minority Reporter, New York
  139. New York Beacon, New York
  140. The Challenge Group, New York
  141. New York Daily Challenge, New York
  142. Challenger Community News, New York
  143. African Studies Review, New York
  144. Carolina Peacemaker, North Carolina
  145. The Carolina Times, North Carolina
  146. The Carolinian, North Carolina
  147. The Charlotte Post Online, North Carolina
  148. The Triangle Tribune, North Carolina
  149. The Fayetteville Press, North Carolina
  150. County News 4 You, North Carolina
  151. Greater Diversity News, North Carolina
  152. The Chronicle (Winston Salem), North Carolina
  153. The Reporter, Ohio
  154. Call and Post, Ohio
  155. Youngstown Buckeye Review, Ohio
  156. City News USA-Cleveland, Ohio
  157. The Cincinnati Herald, Ohio
  158. East Side Daily News, Ohio
  159. Dayton Defender, Ohio
  160. The Toledo Journal, Ohio
  161. The Black Chronicle, Oklahoma
  162. Philadelphia News, Pennsylvania
  163. The New Pittsburgh Courier, Pennsylvania
  164. Mobile Beacon, Road Island
  165. The Providence American, Road Island
  166. Caribbean Times, Saint John
  167. The Gullah Sentinel, South Carolina
  168. The Charleston Chronicle, South Carolina
  169. Black News, South Carolina
  170. Tri-State Defender, Tennessee
  171. The Tennessee Tribune, Tennessee
  172. Chattanooga News Chronicle, Tennessee
  173. The Villager, Texas
  174. Nokoa-The Observer, Texas
  175. The Dallas Weekly, Texas
  176. LaVida News/The Black Voice, Texas
  177. The Houston Defender, Texas
  178. The Houston Forward Times, Texas
  179. North Dallas Gazette Dallas, Texas
  180. The Dallas Examiner, Texas
  181. The African American News, Texas
  182. The Houston Style Magazine, Texas
  183. Dallas Post Tribune, Texas
  184. The San Antonio Observer, Texas
  185. Roanoke Tribune, Virginia
  186. Gainesville Guardian, Virginia
  187. The New Journal & Guide, Virginia
  188. The Richmond Free Press, Virginia
  189. Metro Herald, Virginia
  190. Diverse Issues In Higher Education, Virginia
  191. MEA Magazine, Virginia
  192. The Seattle Medium Newspaper +4, Washington
  193. **The Metro Homemaker(The Seattle Medium 1), Washington
  194. **The Tacoma True Citizen(The Seattle Medium 2), Washington
  195. **The Portland Medium(The Seattle Medium 3), Washington
  196. Beloit Chronicle, Wisconsin
  197. The Madison Times, Wisconsin
  198. The Milwaukee Community Journal, Wisconsin
  199. Milwaukee Courier, Wisconsin
  200. The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper, Wisconsin
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