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About UNS
Our mission is to empower our communities through quality journalism. We are a team of experienced leaders with a long history of giving back, helping out and speaking up.
Delivering High Quality Journalism to Urban News Media

We produce the kind of journalism your readers want and your business needs. Urban News Service is dedicated to providing quality content to urban papers to transform the economics of news gathering and serve the needs of urban communities. We understand you serve a unique, loyal and engaged readership, but we also know quality content is costlier to produce than ever before. Digital competition and the decline in print advertising revenue have hit urban news media especially hard, impacting their ability to hire writers, cover the stories that matter and support their communities. Reading_Newspaper-african-americanUrban News Service was founded to provide a solution. As a division of American Media Institute, we provide quality content that truly serves your readers and business:

  • Stories by respected professional reporters with decades of experience working for major news outlets who are highly regarded experts in their fields.
  • Stories that are exhaustively researched, fully documented and fact-checked, and conform to AP style.
  • Stories that have high impact to drive readership, reputation and revenue.
  • Stories that uniquely serve and support urban communities and individuals.

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